• Our Kind

Radical Self-Care Products for Modern Consumers

Our Kind by EBK Apothecary was created by a woman, with all those who seek healing in mind. With a personal story of pain, inspired by the healing power of Cannabis; she knew that if her clients were going to be comfortable consuming on a regular basis, that it not only had to be effective, but also discreet and packaged to perfection!

Our Mission

Founded in 2015. Elevated by 2021.

We Exist to Empower Generations with Products that Heal

We do it by promoting self-care and encouraging kinship. We are reconnecting with our roots by claiming wellness. Our Way.

Our Products are inclusive, affordable, and made with quality ingredients.

Our Community uplifts & its most impressionable members by focusing on root causes.

Our Business is an enterprise that mindfully seeks to advance opportunities for our team members while reducing harm to the environment. 

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